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  Monday, 07 January 2019
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Trying to zero stock so have items in the store for examples but allowing them to be ordered because of no stock.
However I zero inventory to 0 but it still shows stock.

Noticed most demo items have a number + another number see image 100+20

How do I zero everything to zero?
4 years ago
Hello Joesi,

Please take a look at the attached screenshot.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
4 years ago
Thanks for reply but I can't locate that where you say it is.

See image
4 years ago
Hello Joesi,

This '+' stock is overstock limit, which will be used as stock when current stock is not available. If you want to set this all as 0, you can set current stock and overstock limit 0. This will solve the issue with 0 stock products. To publish the current stock and overstock limit options Go to Sellacious backend > Settings > Global Configuration. In "Backend Display Options" select "Over Stock Limit" for the desired product type.

I hope this helps.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
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