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  Monday, 07 January 2019
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How can the phone number format be changed for UK phone format, everything is US based. I keep saying it. Not a commercial product yet but getting closer every month.
4 years ago
Hello Joesi,

You can change the phone number format from Sellacious Backend > Settings > Global configuration. Open Frontend Display Options, in last you'll see the option to add format for the phone number.


I hope this helps.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
4 years ago
Not really helping as I have no idea what format to use in that box?

Our Postcodes are between W1 2NA for example and WR54 8BG for example.


Our Phones are normally between 00000 000000 and 0000 000 0000

01384 212121 and 0181 456 7896

what codes to use for that?
4 years ago
Hello Joesi,

I have already replied to your other post. Please check the below link.


Thank You
-Team Sellacious
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