Hi, ive set up SEF front end url for checkout fields (order summary,order receipt etc)it works well until i have to review the order. it adds a /complete at the end of the url before displaying causing a 404 not found. but if i remove the /complete it works. Can you fix it or its an issue with my template?im using helix ultimate. ive removed the urls for now on my website but you can test and check it out. hope its an easy fix
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Hello Victor,

Thank You for reporting this issue. Yes, this issue was because you're using helix ultimate and advanced SEF. However, we have fixed this.

To fix this issue go to components/com_sellacious/controllers/order.php

and go to line no. 318, 325 and 333 or search for . '&layout=completed' and remove it.

Same with . '&layout=failed' and . '&layout=cancelled' in line no. 338 and 343.


I hope this helps.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
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Team Sellacious
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Awesome thank you for the help!
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