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  Tuesday, 07 May 2019
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Hello. How to show only the links of attachments but not of the images in the page of a product? Please check the attached image which shows that the links of the images are shown in the attachments' section of the product's page. Please help me.
3 years ago
Hello Adesh,

Did you customize these images to look like attachments before or ordered the customization from us? As in sellacious by default, other images present in the gallery of the product.
No customization done. I am just using the default Squick template. The images are present in the gallery of the product but also the links of them are shown in attachments, which is precisely what I want to remove. Please help.
3 years ago
Hello Adesh,

Can I know if this error is from before or this is new? And also what is the version of sellacious and squick template which you're using?
I noticed this behaviour after using the Squick template. I am using the last version of Sellacious and probably the last version of the Squick template too. Please check the URL in private for checking what is happening in each product's page. Please help to solve this.
I forgot to put the site URL, which is in this post.
3 years ago
Hello Adesh,

Can you create a staging copy of your site and send me the details of it? I'll test the issue on it, apply the required patches. You can push it to live anytime you want.

Let me know once you do it.
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