Friday, 28 April 2017
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I am trying to disable checkout in global configuration. But as soon as i do that, the site won't load, it brings an error "Checkout is Disabled" See screen attached. How can i achieve this?
Hi Kelvin,

Can you please help me with the following:
1. Sellacious version
2. What are you intending to do when checkout is disabled?
7 years ago
Hello Ankit,
Sorry for late reply, the aswers to your questions are;
1. i am using Sellacious 1.4.6
2. I would like to have product listing with pricing, email for price, call for price and query with no checkout option, we will have a booking form option. I am guessing that's why there is a option to turn off checkout.
My site is about Tourism, there are many variables to just add the product to cart. I would like to have both product price and a query form in each product instead of add to cart and/or buy now button. This will be very useful for my type of website.


Hi Kelvin,

You can't have both product price and query form. There can be only one of them. A workaround would be to mention price in short description.
7 years ago
Okay, but what about disable checkout, which brings an error as mentioned in the first message
Added to the bug-list. We'll resolve it.
Hi Kelvin,

We have resolved this bug and would be fixed in next version of our templates.
7 years ago
Hi Ankit,
Thank you for your support, has it been resolved in 1.4.7 or will it be in the next version?
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