Friday, 31 May 2019
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Search sends to the error page 404 when searching not in the index. I fixed just replacing:

index.php by /index.php in the file: ROOT/modules/mod_sellacious_finder/tmpl/default.php Line 259.

I hope you fix it in the next release.
5 years ago
Hello Adesh,

Can I know on which version of sellacious you got this error? As I have checked this on the previous version (1.6.0) and the latest version (1.7.0) of sellacious and unable to reproduce. If you can explain to me how did you get this error, I'll be able to help you more.
Version 1.7.0. Joomla 3.8.x
5 years ago
Hello Adesh,

I have checked this error on your site and unable to find the error you reported. Kindly explain the steps so I can reproduce this error.

Attached is the link of the requirements to run sellacious smoothly. You need to update Joomla version.

I fixed it with the modification shown in the beginning. To reproduce the issue, do this:

1. Go to a product's page. There search in the Smart search module.
2. You will see that the website will launch the 404 Error.

In our case, the error is already fixed. You may test in your side. Thank you.
5 years ago
Hello Adesh,

Thank You for reporting this issue. We have added this to our pipeline and will fix in future releases of sellacious.
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