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  Monday, 17 June 2019
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JUst a quick question for people that might know or be able to suggest something. If i was to use Sellacious integrated with Easysocial and Easyblog and wanted to use the Lingerie template for the marketplace aspect, but also wanted good built in styling for Easysocial, what do you think would be the best way to go about this. Easysocial do offer some premium site templates that integrate the Easysocial styling and Lingerie is nice for the marketplace but how would you link these together, or would you use separate templates for separate pages, depending on whether you are on Easysocial or Sellacious. If anyone had a solution id be interested to hear, that didnt involve hiring a developer, obviously i know this is one option> Thanks
3 years ago
Hello Jonathan,

Yes, quick and effective way to do this is to use different templates for both extensions. You need to use Sellacious compatible template for Sellacious extension and EasySocial or EasyBlog template for these components. If not either you'll have to hire a developer or made some style changes yourself.\
3 years ago
Many Thanks
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