I am in the process of setting up a multi-seller marketplace. I understand the Sellacious devs were working on using Paypal Adaptive payments back in 2017 but I am unable to find this payment plugin. Has this payment plugin been released as of yet? 'Split Payments' I believe it was called.

I need to be able to link buyers and sellers together but take a percentage fee from each transaction. I do not want to have to handle the money between buyer and seller this needs to be paid directly to the seller. This will prevent any delays of payment as currently I am the only admin of the website.

Ideally I want to implement some kind of escrow service to prevent scammers as these will not be vendors selling they are normal people. This means I wont be able to verify every single person.

- Also can you confirm if its possible to setup a sign-up page for potential sellers so they can sign up and sell straight away with permissions I set?
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