I imported my products, created folders based on the PRODUCT_UNIQUE_ALIAS, and imported images. Everything worked. But then I had an issue with the products and decided to trash all of the products and start over. So I have imported the products, and I have created a new import-uploads folder, and I have added all the folders and jpegs again. But now when I try to import the photos I get:

Could not find a matching product for file/folder 4904880066209_1 by = 4904880066209_1... and so on

The PRODUCT_UNIQUE_ALIAS and the IMAGE_FOLDER data is the same as last time. Perhaps the same photo folder cannot be used in tmp/import-uploads? Is there a way to remove the old data so I can use the same folder structure as before?

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Hello Eric,

You can clear the Import history from Sellacious Backend > Import > Import History. Delete the previous one.

I hope this helps.

Thank You
Team Sellacious
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The problems with the navigation arrows and the SKU still remain.

I just want to comment on something I noticed. When I view the columns of products in a category, if I hover over a product image long enough the photos go through a slideshow. That's useful. However, when the photos transition between landscape and portrait orientation, the dimensions "morph" from wide to tall. That's really neat! Whomever is responsible for that feature, well done. It's a nice touch.

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