I'm testing the "marketplace" template.

in my test I have more sellers (seller, seller2, seller3, seller4 etc ..)

it could happen that more sellers (for example seller and seller2) sell the same products (that is, they have the same EAN code, title, photo)

If I understood how it works, with "sellacious", adding more sellers to the same product can only be done through administration, but this type of insertion is not very useful.

The administrator should check the inserted products, check if there are equal products and merge them: a huge manual work!

Is there not a more "easy" and "automatic" way to insert more sellers to a single product?

On amazon, for example, when you view a product, "you want to sell this product too?" Is displayed;
or when you enter a new product, first enter the ASIN / EAN code in this way, the system checks if any other seller has already entered that product and a second seller can queue up just putting his stock / prices.

I hope I was clear
sorry for my English
Thank you
Best regards
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