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As the title says: Why pay to remove branding if urls contain the branding?
2 simple examples dashboard and seller profile edition:
- index.php?option=com_sellacious&view=dashboard
- index.php?option=com_sellacious&view=profile

And there are many other urls like this...
You can change the backend folder name from 'sellacious' to any name of your choice say 'myoffice' as soon as you change the name sellacious will be replaced to your newly changed folder name.
after this
- index.php?option=com_sellacious&view=dashboard

will become - index.php?option=com_myoffice&view=dashboard

All frontend URLs can anyway be changed using SEF.
4 years ago

I already changed the folder name but there is no change in the url

which version of sellacious do you use? and you have premium version of sellacious?
4 years ago
Ah OK, a simple misunderstanding I suppose...

In your first reply I understood you only have to change the folder to modify the complete url
In your second answer I understand I either have to enable the Premium Trial or have an active Premium subscription.

As a test I added the Lifetime plan and the Entreprise plan in my cart.
There is no differentiation between the two in term of price.
The only difference is in the Lifetime premium support for Entreprise.
What other benefits could I get from the Entreprise plan?

URL change will not work in premium trial.

Enterprise Plans start from 4 Figure to 7 Figure.

They are Tailored plans for Large volume enterprises where we take end to end solution designing for various types of Marketplaces. To get an Enterprise plan, client must need to contact us with detailed requirement spec and we can quote them for design development and maintenance of their marketplaces.

We also accept affiliations in all our plans including Enterprise, if our users encounter any company in requirement of any kind of marketplace we can do it and can share the affiliate commission. We can also work as partners for marketplace development with our users or on behalf of their company.

Team Sellacious
4 years ago
Thank you !
4 years ago
I bought the Yearly subscription and I changed the folder name from "/sellacious" to "/sellercentral" but the URL still contains com_sellacious. Example:


My version is 1.7.3
2 years ago
How can we change the backend folder to replace com_sellacious with com_customname?
I'm guessing you don't mean renaming the component folder on a server?
Lifetime plan here... Sellacious ver 2 (rc3)
Thank you
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