When displaying the products prices are displayed net without tax. :(
They should be displayed including tax.
The only time net prices are needed is on the bill, when the total ist build up from net plus tax.
How can I change this behavior?
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  1. https://www.cityshops-online.de/component/sellacious/store/cityshops-online?Itemid=101
  2. https://www.cityshops-online.de/component/sellacious/demo-gartenzwerg-no-2?Itemid=101&s=698
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Hello Achim,

Can I know which version of sellacious you're using?

To apply taxes to product price directly, you need to enable this configuration from the Tax rule itself.

Select yes, for the Apply Rule on the Price Display. This option is only available when Individual Product is selected.

I hope this helps.

Thank You
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Version is still v1.7.3
and I'm now realy confused. Please see the 2 screenshots.

Cache was cleared before each test.
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Achim Strukmeier Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Btw. setting prices is confusing and not intuitive.
All I want is to set a price f.ex. 9,99 € and than check a box wether the tax is 19% or 7%
The system should tell me the net price (in this case 8,39 €) and the included tax (in this case 1,60 €)
The customer will see the 9,99 € on the page and than in card and billing the net price, the tax and the end price (9,99 €)
How do I get the system setup for this?
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