Monday, 04 November 2019
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How do I upgrade from 1.4 to 1.7 version?
I have it installed and it has never said there is an update!
4 years ago
I already followed this and it just produced a blank page during updating

4 years ago
Hello Joesi,

1.4 is an old version of sellacious and, direct to 1.7.3 version is not recommended.

You first need to update it to 1.5.3 and then 1.6.0 and then 1.7.3.

I will share the previous releases of sellacious soon.

Thank You
4 years ago
Will this be done soon?

I must have done it because on another site I have and they are still all for test purposes as the product isn't commercial enough yet for UK market, i.e. too many changes required each updsate or set up. branding, email templates etc. Haven't tried the shipping, commissions and multi-vendoe side yet.

Anyway, mani reason for contacting again is I did an update from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3 and have now lost all the various front end section, latest, stores etc : https://www.blackcountrynews.com/stores/

please advise.

4 years ago
I've just tried to update the other site and that is just showing blanks screen
4 years ago
Hello Joesi,

I checked your site. I can view the sellacious products in the Store/Category/Product list view. However, modules are not working.

Have you refreshed the cache?

Kindly share the site details through DM.

Thank you
4 years ago
Also, make sure to update the squick template too. You can download the updated version from https://www.sellacious.com/squick here.
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