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  3. Tuesday, 05 November 2019
i tried to find an error of incompatibility but looks lijke theres a problem with:

JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL Unknown column 'recipient_category' in '#__sellacious_emailtemplates'
Extension Update: SQL error processing query: DB function failed with error number 1054
Unknown column 'recipient_category' in '#__sellacious_emailtemplates' SQL = ALTER TABLE `#__sellacious_emailtemplates` ADD `send_attachment` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL AFTER `recipient_category`; Package Update: There was an error installing an extension: com_sellacious.zip Before updating ensure that the update is compatible with your Joomla! installation. You are strongly advised to make a backup of your installation before you start updating.
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Thanks Vijaya for all the support, now the site is working...
Vijaya Sharma Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Hello LuisXVI,

Can I know from which version to which version of sellacious you're trying to update?

Please, send me your site details through DM so I can take a look at this myself.

Thank You
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