Wednesday, 06 November 2019
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Does anyone know of a payment solution provider for marketplaces, like Stripe Connect or Mango, that will provide a solution for adult themed content.

I'm currently developing a community driven marketplace for a kink community, where users can buy and sell their own content and products, and it seems the main players in payment processing for splitting payments, vendor commission's and payouts, etc don't want to support adult content.

Anyone know of a payment company that can help with this. And then, Sellacious team, I'd be looking to come onboard and upgrade my subscription and ask you to develop the payment gateway, so if you have any idea's too, please let me know.

All the best


Any high-risk payment processor will work. Our prices for integrating high-risk PG are different, kindly contact us for the same.

We need API documentation, Sandbox account, API code and Access to PG Tech support team.
once we have access to the above 4 information we can integrate any PG within 10 working days.
4 years ago
Hi Abhishek

Thanks for your help. I've contacted each of these this morning, so we shall see.

All the best.
4 years ago
Hi Abhishek

What are the options for sellers receiving payments using a standard payment processor with no split payments and then either the Sellacious software splitting the payment or sending out of invoices to the sellers, or if you have any other suggestions?

Basically this project wont get off the ground without a work around payment solution where we, as a marketplace, can take a commission from sellers making sales, as no payment processor i can find will provide a split payment solution on an "adult" marketplace. Although technically i would describe the site as a Social Network, where users can sell through there profile - this is all i need to be able to implement and monetise it somehow, so if you know of a solution please let me know, if it works you will have a customer.
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