Monday, 20 April 2020
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This is Janice, I am leading an eCommerce agency in Dallas, TX. My colleague and I are planning to launched an artist program in our online store. The reason behind launching this feature is to join the artists with other artists to explore their ideas, They could easily display their portfolio in our website & get commission on each sale of their designed product.

Coming to the point now, We are planning to create a forum where they could discuss about the designs, platform problems and support so that we can solve their problems & gather all the artists in one platform. I am looking for the best cms discussion platform, after reading a lot of articles I think phpBB is the best cms for forum. I have found a resourceful guide on how to install phpBB but i need to know the prerequisites & tips to managing the forum from the start & most probably I need to know how can I skyrocket my platform compatibility.

Any guide from you guys would help me a lot

4 years ago
Hi Janice

I think there is today also good alternatives with Joomla forums so you an one consistent design (template css etc ) and SSO ( Single Sign On) user experience. phpBB is a very good stable and great choice but if you dont need the hazzle of having 2 different system for admin and problem I think its better and easier to choose a Joomla forum comp.

I can recommend you to check two different good Joomla forum componenents like:

1. Kuena forum good stable working forum comp https://www.kunena.org/

2, CjForum https://www.corejoomla.com/products/cjforum.html also integrate well with other Core products but also EasySocial etc

If I was Joomla or start a new forum I would go for these options instead of using phpBB thats is very good I have used myself and propagete 10-12 years ago for using it as the forum for Joomla.org but today these Joomla comp is very good and they have almost all phpBB forum features b u t is also integrated with Joomla ACL etc
4 years ago
Hi Janice

I would consider Easy Discuss (forum) and also Easy Social for what you are describing will provide the forum and also the social style network for further linking artists together including groups, profiles, etc. The two link seamlessly and also integrate with Sellacious.

Im still working out how well Sellacious works with Easysocial, but i think it's a good solution so far.
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