Tuesday, 28 April 2020
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it would be nice to also for transactions in the future to have an option for blockchain technology and maybe other things that can be improved by using this technology of transactions.

There is some free VirtueMart and Electronicum solutions already https://electroneum.com/ with Joomla support done from JoomlaProffs ie the people that do the Nintendo Nordic sites. https://joomlapro.com/product/virtuemart-electroneum-payment-method https://joomlapro.com/product/virtuemart-electroneum-prices

Electroneum is a revolutionary payment system based upon blockchain technology.

It would then be possible for Sellacious multvendor marketplace with blockchain payment technology also.
4 years ago
Yes, we can look into this if more user demands this. As of now, this is the first request for this.
4 years ago

Would be great to have a blockchain multi vendor solution.

Having a blockchain solution that incorporated either vendor payouts or split payments (even better) would be something i would be very interested in and would open up appeal of your platform to a wider audience still.

Currently there's a couple of solid verticals im trying to get into that i cannot secure multi vendor payment processing for, due to being considered high risk, so would be a solution for that.
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