Hello I want to use Sellacious only as a catalog for my private train collection.
So I have no prices Ratings etc.
-How can I remove the "oder by" caus I dont have prices and ratings.
-How can I remove "add to wishlist" the control in global configuration takes no effect.
-How can I remove the seller name in product detail / when I disable the Marketplace I have the failer that the product is not listet to a seller and I can see no produkt / when I enable the Marketplace I can see the product detail but with seller Name.
-How can I remove the "share this product" Icons in product detail page.
-Can I change the Text in branding from "shop" to "catalog"
- I recive an email eyery day with "0 Product is added" can I stop sending this mails?
I hope you can help me. Many thanks
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Hello Walter,

Order By can only be hidden from the code.

Add to wishlist HIde the wishlist feature from the global config > general tab.

To hide the Seller Name in the details page, marketplace should be disabled. If the shop is a single seller, the seller's name won't show.

For Share Product Button, can I know which template are you using?

Which Branding are you talking about? Please add the screenshot.

To stop the emails like 0 Product is added, disable the sellacious product notification plugin from Joomla > Extensions > Plugins.

You can also try the latest version from here.




I hope this helps.

Thank You
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