Hello, I'am mastering your product on localhost on PC (PHP_7.3, Apache_2.4, MySQL-5.7), template Squick, and experiencing the problem with filtering the products by their attributes: this option doesn't appear in the filter at all.

I've configured relevant Filter settings (pic 1), created filterable Product attributes (2), checked the attributes boxes in the products profiles (3) and they are visible on the product pages (4), but don't appear in filter (5).

What I am doing wrong?
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Hello Amnat,

I checked this on the 1.7.3 version of sellacious on my local and it's working. It is also working 2.0-beta1 version of sellacious with the same configuration.

Maybe you can try the same configuration on the 2.0 demo and let me know if you are still having the issue. I can try to schedule a screen share session if needed.


Thank You
Amnat Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Thanks for a quick reply, I'll try to check
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