I wish to take this link code and add it to the products shown in the category product list so that users can go to the seller's store from the product

The function exists on product detail page, but not category list.

This is great for multivendor sites.

When a product list page is created, the link shown here,

Product Detail Page Link

needs to be shown here

Product List Layout

So I need to copy the code of the store link function from the product detail view and add it to the code that generates the product list layout

What is the folder path to the code that makes the store link and the folder path to the file that control the product list layout?

I feel that this really needs to be a standard front end display option
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Do you mean, you want to show store link on product list page?

I am sorry to say, there is no such configuration to show store link on product list page.

However, If you want this customisation on product list page. You can create a customisation request to add store link on list page.

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