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  Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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In backend don't work the search by Mfg Model No.
Please could you check this problem?
Thank you
2 years ago
Hi, Search by Mfg Model No. in backend will work when you are using Mfg Model No. as unique key. In frontend it will work whether its is unique or not. In case you are using any other field(like Product Sku) try to search by that field value in backend. However we will try to integrate search by Mfg Model No. in backend if its not used as unique key.
2 years ago
Thank you. I need this kind of search
2 years ago

What kind of search do you need? Mfg model no, or any other field, can be searched in the backend is set as the unique field.

Is there anything else you are suggesting?
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