Wednesday, 03 June 2020
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There is a bug in Smart Search. V. 2.0. When I try to search with smart search and select an option from suggestion, the following message appears:

Actualmente no hay vendedores vendiendo/trabajando con este producto.

The message is in Spanish and means that no seller is selling the product. However, the product is being sent. I noticed that the error is that the URL doesn't contain the part that finishes with for example: ?s=891

Please help Emoticon Smile Thank you very much Emoticon Smile
3 years ago
Hello Adesh,

This issue is already noted and fixed. In the next release of sellacious, this fix will be released.

Thank You
Maybe do you have a file with fixed issues that one could use to make the changes oneself in the php files before the updating comes? Since I have tested and telling you the issues, maybe you should consider to inform us how to solve before formal update (maybe by private or giving us access to a files with changes). It's just a suggestion. You make a great job Emoticon Smile I hope you like that I inform you the issues/bugs to improve.
3 years ago
Hey Adesh,

The fix is in more than one file, and the patch is big. However, Yes I can update the sellacious for you. Please share your site/server details at contact@sellacious.com.

Thank You
Hello. I sent a private message to you.
Could you maybe post the changes here? Maybe.... Emoticon Smile
3 years ago

We will soon release the 2.0 beta2. I will update this post.

Thank you
Ok. I will be outstanding of the changes Emoticon Smile
I wrote you a private message. Please check it outEmoticon Smile
Hello. I got the Beta2 version. Does such version already solve the issue? I am checking it before install it but I haven't found the file that was modified to solve the issue. Thank you!!!
I am very interested in fix this issue since, as you know, the feature of Search is one of the most important things in a store.... Please help Emoticon Smile
3 years ago
Hello Adesh,

It's not one but 6 file fix. Please update the sellacious, and the issue will be fixed.
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