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  Monday, 06 July 2020
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I connect to a question written yesterday: in order, part of this has been refunded, but the related transactions have not undergone changes (and the count, therefore, includes items that should not be there).

How are refunds and RMAs managed?
2 years ago
@adity please look into this
2 years ago
Thanks, I await updates.
2 years ago

We checked and this is an issue. After approving the Refund, the transaction is not creating. We have added this to our pipeline for the fix.

However, the return/exchange is working. After enabling the RMA options, you can set the no. of the return/exchange days. After delivery user/admin can apply for return/exchange. Admin can approve.

If you want to use refund order status, set the next order status Refund after the return/exchange approved. You can do that from the Settings > Statuses.

I hope this helps.

Thank You
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