Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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We are evaluating the community edition of Sellacious (Free) at this moment.

In Sellacious Finder, when we try to search for a product, irrespective of what we enter, it returns all products from one particular category (Home >> Electronics >> Mobiles >> Android Phones >> Products). For eg: if we enter MOXIE to find Moxy hand juicer, it displays all products from Category - Android Phones in Mobiles.

Can someone help understanding and resolving this?

Attached are screen captures.
1, First image show that Moxie products are available in Shop.
2. Second image shows the automatic text appears while typing Moxie in finder box. Here it shows the product correctly.
3. Third image shows what happens when we click search icon.

1. Sellacious Version: v2.0.0-beta1
2. Jooma version: 3.9.19
3. Template: astroid_template_zero
4. Astroid Framework: 2.3.0
3 years ago
I could find the similar issue in the Demo site of Sellacious itself - https://demo.sellacious.com/jsmall/.

This seems to be a bug and I don't see any questions around it. Little surprising.

Look at the attachment.
3 years ago
Hello All,

Thank You for reporting this issue. We have added this to our pipeline and will fix this in our next release.

Thank You
3 years ago
Invalid. New search will be released in upcoming release, invalidating this issue. marking this as resolved for now.
3 years ago
Is there any update on release?
Any update?. Search module is not working for me. Help!!! Please.
2 years ago
Hey Adesh,

Exactly what is the issue that you are having with the search? You already have the latest search available on your site. Please share screen shots or videos for more information.

Thank You & Stay Safe
Team Sellacious
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