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  Wednesday, 28 June 2017
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In Latest Products modules. After clicking on Call Us for Price Button, the result is No Number Given. Check the attachment which shows it.
Hi Alfatah and Adesh,

Just wanted to know if this issue still persists, as we have released sellacious v1.5.0 compatible with Joomla v3.8.0 and this bug has been resolved in this release.
Please let us know if you still face the same.

Hi Alfatah,

Could you please send your Joomla access via Direct Message, please? I would have a look at it.
4 years ago
Sellacious latest product - SITE - module - v2.2.0
Date: May 10, 2017 | Package ID 10005
It should work fine after the update. Can you please tell me the current version of module?
4 years ago
Currently no any update available ...
But 3 days ago I already updated it
Hi Alfatah,

This is a known bug and an update was rolled on to solve the issue. Are you able to find an update to this Latest Product Module in your Joomla dashboard?
4 years ago
The current issue under Sellacious "Latest Product" module,

In Latest Products modules. After clicking on "Call for Price" Button, the result is "No Number Given". Check the attachment which shows it.

Under Sellacious Product page > Call for Price button working fine. but same product under latest product module> "Call for price" button not working.

NOTE: It is 3 days ago REVIEW.
Hi Alfatah,

Can you please explain about the issue a bit more? I am unable to replicate the issue.
4 years ago
Please Add your PHONE/MOBILE Number in user profile.
It is not visible because number is not available in selected profile.


find attachment....

Hi Adesh,

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm this bug. We are shortly rolling out an update(maybe tonight or a day later) to fix this.
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