Thursday, 29 June 2017
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I am creating an e-commerce website in local with Sellacious.

I created a new category assigning a single alias (that is unifi, see Img1).
When I go back in Joomla and I click on the category created the url is "complex" (see Img2).

Is it possibile to obtain the simple url of the alias? (In my case it should be https://localhost/aBay/unifi).

Thank you
Hi Gino,

As of now, We need to work on a router to implement this out. If you can give the exact requirements, We can include this in our next release.
6 years ago
Dear Ankit.

Let's take as example the demo site of Sellacious (https://demo.sellacious.com/squick/)
Click on the botton "shop now" in the center of the page.
You should see the page as in Img1 attached that has the following url:

  • https://demo.sellacious.com/squick/index.php/shop

Now let's click for example onto the category "Computers and accessories" whose alias in back-end is "computers-and-accessories" (see Img2).

In my opion the url after clicking on the category "Computers and accessories" should be as follow:

  • https://demo.sellacious.com/squick/index.php/shop/computers-and-accessories

Instead there is an url that is not SEO friendly:

  • https://demo.sellacious.com/squick/shop?view=categories&parent_id=4

I hope to have explained what I mean.

When do you think that the new release will come out?

Thank you for your availability
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