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  Friday, 30 June 2017
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There are two sellacious_cart_token in cookies. This seems to happen when - in the same browser's window but in two different tabs - there are in each one two sessions one for user/buyer and the other for admin/vendor backend. In simpler words, that seems to ocurr when I am buying but also has the Sellacious backend open. This generates errors in the Add to Cart flow (since two tokens are present). I would expect system allows to have the two sessions open without issues/confusion at purchasing in the frontend

Using Chrome browser in computer. Check attachment.
Accepted Answer
Fixed this in your install. Also, Coming in next release.
Hi Adesh,

Could you please try this after deleting cookies? We tried all possible ways and couldn't replicate this at our end.
4 years ago
Hello. I tried again, having open both sessions (in frontend and backend of Sellacious). Error persists, maybe in less parts. At least, in pages while adding to cart, it seems to be fine (the same products in the cart), but when trying to purchase itself the cart shows different amount of products. As you can see in the attachments, in the same session of purchasing two different tokens are created and I don't think that should be. It would be good you recheck going until starting to purchase Emoticon Smile
Accepted Answer
Fixed this in your install. Also, Coming in next release.
4 years ago
This is the attachment.
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