Friday, 30 June 2017
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i got some questions:

1. where can i set watermark for product images?
2. is there a way to show users all seller-stores into a list in frontend?
3. is there a way for users to set seller-stores as favorite, like follower in frontend?
4. is there a way for sellers to set backoffice language as they like into their profil settings, and not for super users only?

5. may you have an advice for me: i'm running joomla 3.7 and sellacious 1.4.7 as mulitlanguage site and now i'm having problems setting sellacious categories for these different languages. example: category for english is "eBooks" and for german "E-Books".
i do not want to have different categories for english and german. i would like to show depending on seller's settings only the categories linked to their language.
(i hope i made myself clear??)

thank you and best regards
Hi Angelo,

Thanks for taking time and putting the questions.

1. This feature is possible for eProducts only as of now. Moreover, It hasn't been included in the current version due to some reasons.
2. As of now, No.
3. As of now, No. What is the aim of this functionality?
4. As of now, It can be in only one language. We would be able to complete full backend and frontend translations by 1.4.9.
5. Not Possible until Sellacious 1.4.9, We are in process of linking Sellacious categories with Joomla! categories. Whenever that thing is done, Native Joomla translation would do the thing.

Please note that, Though many of things are not possible, They might be arriving in Sellacious soon (except #2, Which is not on our roadmap).

PS: For a fee, We push some of our development tasks according to the needs of our customers.
6 years ago
Hello Ankit,
thanks for your reply!

"3. As of now, No. What is the aim of this functionality?"
- If a favored seller uploads a new product, the client can see it directly by clicking the seller's store. the client do not have to search the entire shop site for new products of his favorite seller.

"PS: For a fee, We push some of our development tasks according to the needs of our customers."
- Probably I will come back to it in the next few months. I've to check all sellacious' functionalities first to see what specitifactions are missing for my needs.

Best regards
Hi Angelo,

Thanks for suggesting #3. We will try working on this in near future.
6 years ago
You're very welcome!
That would be greatEmoticon Smile
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