Monday, 31 August 2020
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Here I rewrite a question left suspended in the month of July.

I added the field order_item_id on table #_sellacious_transactions and I updated the historical row with the query:

UPDATE `#_sellacious_transactions` AS tr
LEFT JOIN `#_sellacious_order_items` AS oi ON oi.item_uid=REPLACE(SUBSTRING_INDEX(tr.`notes`, 'Articolo: ', -1), '.', '') AND oi.order_id=tr.order_id
SET tr.order_item_id=oi.id

Please, could you fill in this crucial field every time you create a record in the table? Otherwise it becomes very difficult to make analyzes.
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3 years ago
3 years ago

We apologize for missing this post. I am forwarding this to the team. I will update you soon.

Thank You & Stay Safe

I have a few queries regarding this,

1) For what kind of transactions, do you want to put order_item_id?
2) If you could tell what kind of analysis or statistics you're trying to do, maybe we can find an alternative solution.
3) From your query, you seem to be searching "Articolo" in transaction notes, is that some kind of requirement?
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