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  3. Wednesday, 16 September 2020
When I introduce Sellacious to some potential customers (it still happened today), I am still "embarrassed" by the lack of the barcode field as a standard field. I know I could create a custom attribute, but the barcode field serves many things as a standard. For example, I would like to use it for integration with bindCommerce for product publishing, and also to manage the generation of a Google Shopping feed.

I'm in the process of developing the integration that allows you to use bindCommerce to manage all kinds of Sellacious-based marketplaces, and this should also give visibility to Sellacious, but I would like to do the job "well and complete" (without having to go back to modifying fundamental issues such as the keys of uniqueness).

Can you add this field? (in a short time)

I stress that it is not my personalization request, it is a function that will help me sell your (and my) service.
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Perfect, thank you!
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