Wednesday, 30 September 2020
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Says the installation was successful, however site cannot be accessed now nd doesn't load correctly.
1 year ago
OK, so by installing again the front page corrected itself, however I now get this:

Warning Cache storage database not found for products. You may need to rebuild the cache first.

Rebuilt, but made no difference
1 year ago
No, just to update totaly broke and not loading as earlier. starting to get fed up ofthe program now. You expect it to get better not incorporate new bugs onto unresolved bugs.
Getting message "Warning Cache storage database not found for products. You may need to rebuild the cache first." is totally normal as we have implemented new cache logic so cache needs to be rebuilt again.
If rebuilding cache doesn't restore normalcy, please make sure your sever has Sqlite 3.25.2+ which is essential for new cache logic to run.
Even after that if it doesn't work pls update us the error with screenshot and any other information. We will look into it.

1 year ago
the sqlite version running at the moment is 3.7.9

done the cache within sellacious, made no difference hence contacting you
1 year ago
Common error I'm experiencing the same too
Sqlite version 3.7.9 is older than what we need which is 3.25.2+. https://sqlite.org/chronology.html
So pls upgrade it to 3.25.2 or later versions and it will work.

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