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  Monday, 05 October 2020
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I would like to report two bugs - one critical and one important.

1. When the Customer buys a Package consisting of electronic products, he does not have access to them. There is no way to go from the view of the purchased Package to the view of the purchased products included in the package.

2. The discount coupon does not include the tax discount. eg The product costs 100 + tax (23%) = 123. A 100% discount coupon means that 23 is left to pay. It can be done by skipping a discount increased by 23% and then 0 is left to pay, but it is incorrect. The rtax should not be calculated from the initial proce, but from the reduced one. Now the tax amount is just added to the discounted proce, which is incorrect.
3 years ago

Thanks for reporting the issues:

1. Could you please explain little bit more about the issue, as I am not getting your issue fully.
2. I checked on my local system, discount coupon is applied only on product price not on tax. If product price is 100rp and tax is 23% and 100% coupon is applied so customer has to pay 23 rp amount only.

Let me know if I am getting wrong
3 years ago

1. This Product should be a set of 12 Products, unfortunately I had to present it as a Product "looking like a set" so that customers would have access to each of the videos after purchase. https://telestudent.pl/produkt/pakiet-nagran-vod-z-konferencji-kody-relacji-12-13-09-2020?s=927. The customer can buy a single product or a set of 12 recordings and then it is cheaper. Unfortunately, when I created a Package consisting of 12 previously created Products, the customer after the purchase only sees the Package that does not contain any (video) files.

2. And that's wrong. The VAT tax is charged on the product price. If the product value is 0 after the discount, then the tax is 0. 23% x 0 = 0.
Thanks for reporting.

1) will be fixed. @rashi put this in priority pipeline.
2) @rashi add an option to discount tax like we did in shipping.

Krzysztof point number 2 is very country-specific actually. in many countries even after the discount tax should be charged on the actual price of the product. Anyway, we will give an option for that.

ETA if you are a premium customer: 4 Work Weeks
ETA for community members: 8 workweeks.
On sponsoring and paying for these fixes, dev and fix will be started today itself.
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