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  Thursday, 10 December 2020
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Can you help me fix this error.

Warning: Parameter 2 to PlgSystemSellaciousEvents:Emoticon SurprisednBeforeDisplayView() expected to be a reference, value given in C:\xampp\htdocs\O-Goods Caps Systems\ogoodsv2\libraries\joomla\event\event.php on line 70

I see this warning anywhere I go, in my frontend and backend.
1 year ago
Thank you Vijaya, it solved the problem. Stay safe you too during these difficult times.

kind regards, Isak
1 year ago
Hello Isak,

To fix this issue -

1. Please replace this file.


2. Replace line no. 331 in the file plugins/system/sellaciousevents/sellaciousevents.php to this

public function onBeforeDisplayView($context, $view)

I hope this helps.

Thank You & Stay Safe
1 year ago
Hi Vijaya, did you publish a patch for this problem? I have same problem. Tried to disable the plugin "Sellacious - Events" and error message disappear. If I turn the plugin on, it appears again!
1 year ago
Hello Rome,

Thank You for reporting this issue. Our tech team is looking at it right now. I will attach the patch here soon.

Stay Safe
1 year ago
here's the SS
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