Friday, 15 January 2021
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Hi Sellacious Team,

I'm considering purchasing your yearly or lifetime license for Sellacious but I have a couple of questions/concerns I hope you could address.

After playing with your demo in great detail I downloaded and installed your free version on a latest Joomla 3.9.24 on a google cloud host. Installation was fine but I'm not able to create a product or seller. I searched your forums for the error message I received:
Table 'best#__v1.#__sellacious_seller_timings' doesn't exist
And there was a 2 month old post there saying that bug was being addressed in the next update. It also had some instruction on how to manually add some database tables. Which I did... and it didn't solve the problem for me. I also noted the software hasn't been updated for sometime and even the last blog post on your website is over a year old.

So my questions:
1. Is this product still under development? Is there a schedule for an update that addresses current issues?
2. Is this products commercial license still supported?

Loved the online demo of your product but I can't with confidence use this product without some idea about the answers to those questions.
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