Tuesday, 26 January 2021
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I have tried to update my Sellacious but it did not work properly so I had to Restore the website files and DataBase but now I can't access the produtcs listing and this is the error Class 'Sellacious\Cache\Reader\ProductsCacheReader' not found

Any idea of how to fix it?
3 years ago
It seems like some of the files gone missing at the time of restore. Kindly get this file

from your downloaded package and put it in your file system.

Hope this helps
3 years ago
Thats the log on tmp folder after rebuild the cache.

Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_HOST in /home/u507942951/domains/https://ararajuba.top/public_html/libraries/src/Uri/Uri.php on line 101

Sellacious Cache Cli
Cache build starting...
Initializing cache rebuild...
Products cache rebuild started...
Products cache rebuild finished.
Prices cache rebuild started...
Prices cache rebuild finished.
Specifications cache rebuild started...
Specifications cache rebuild finished.
Specifications range cache rebuild started...
Specifications range cache rebuild finished.
Discovering media files from filesystem.
Discovery of media files from filesystem finished.

Cache finished.
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