Thursday, 24 June 2021
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On my website, when I refresh the cache, it makes about 10 images disappear, some from product listings, others from the categories images.

This is inconvenient as I have to manually add them again and it's starting to annoy me, this being the 15th time or so.

The website otherwise seems to work fine, and sellacious i think is installed properly.

From experimenting, it always seems to be the same images. Regardless of if for instance I delete the category and make a brand new one, it's always that one.

Can you fix this issue please.

For instance: Pulleys, or Bike Mudguard disappear etc.

Hi. please each me on chat i would like to diagnose the issue by logging in your system.

Hi, I checked by doing cache in your system. you have 4 products and after cache no images were missing. i checked on frontend also. pls check again.

if im missing something let me know on live chat (tawk to- bottom right).

1 year ago

I also just checked this too now, I think something you did with fixing one of the other issues must have resolved it.

Thank you for your help on this Indresh Emoticon Smile

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