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  Wednesday, 28 July 2021
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Is it possible to have a sellers store page?
Can they customize it etc?

I ask because when I click on a product by a seller there is an option to go to their store.
But when I click it takes you nowhere, is there a way to configure this please?
If so, how would one go about doing so, and how would sellers customize it?
I looked on documentation but nothing appeared from search

Yes sellers have their store page. Documentation for configuring is https://www.sellacious.com/documentation-v2#/learn/marketplace/store-page.

I'm not sure why you are unable to visit store page. please share any error if you are getting one.

1 year ago
Hi Indresh,

I tried what you recommended, and I've tried a bunch of other stuff, and I am still having a SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 near "(": syntax error

I have reindexed and built cache countless times. That isn't the issue. Not sure if related but if I give sellers a logo icon, it also doesn't update to the store.

I've attached my details.
I can't see any attached details.
For SQLSTATE[HY000] error you can follow this thread https://www.sellacious.com/community-support/5611-hy000-sqlstate-hy000-general-error-1-near-syntax-error

1 year ago
Hi Indresh,

Ahh not this one again! So I've been through trying to update this before, and I thought I had as my previous error removed, but upon checking my sqlite version seems to have reverted back to 3.25 or something.

Now I have full access to my server, and my understanding is that your sqlite package is something that you've built into your sellacious package, as normally Joomla only works on mySQL.

Can you please point me as to which file in particular I would be looking at swapping out, and where to find the replacement updated sqlite version?
Just as I have been here before, and obviously unable to find the correct file.

1 year ago
I have same problem, and thank you for answer.
We don't include sqlite in our package and it can't reverted by updating sellacious. This is something a sellacious requirement which your server provides and it should be version 3.25.2+ for current version of sellacious .

The error is possibly because of outdated cache and index. After updating sellacious you need to rebuilt cache and index. Pls do it by following this document https://www.sellacious.com/documentation-v2#/learn/how-to/how-to-rebuilt-cache

Hope this helps
1 year ago

How can this be? Joomla doesn't directly support sqlite? Except for Sqlite PDO.

With regards to cache and index, as we have spoken about this before and I've said, it is definitely not this.

My sqlite is on an older version i think, but I cannot update it.
Before you suggest going to my server provider, I already have, their reply was as follows:

The PDO SQLite PHP extension is enabled by default and from what I know, this is a file database and doesn't require additional software/servers.
The version of this library should be quite recent (3.8.5) you can check it on the attached screenshot.
We cannot update this for you, this should be done manually and is likely to be included in any packages you've installed.

If above is true, and it has to be manually updated, please could you point me to the location where I would need to update it please, and where to find sqlite PDO updated file, as I looked and could not discover it online.

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