Friday, 27 August 2021
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How does one enable the display of store descriptions? I don't understand this feature at all. The documentation mentions that it an be done but I do not see where it specifies how. I don't see a field for it when I look at sellers, or in the test store i have made. I see there are no descriptions in the demo store using the squick theme, too. I must be missing something obvious, right? Can anyone clue me in?
2 years ago
Store description is added in later version 2.0-rc2 which is not publicly available yet.
You can either wait for the next version or write to us requesting early access at contact@sellacious.com.
Please mention your official email and order id of the plan you have purchased for verification as early access is only available to premium members.

Thank You
Thanks for the updates, I should have thought to be at the latest version before asking questions. I still am unclear how to enable display of the store description, i do not see it in the list of fields to enable for sellers. Is there a setting I have missed? The updated files did allow the display of the store timings as expected, but nothing for the description seems to have changed.
I also see that store hours, shipping times, and other hyper local settings are not available in my installation. Perhaps I did not install everything that is required?
Hello, it is v2.0.0-beta1 from one of the quick start packages. Thanks for your attention.
2 years ago
Can you tell me what it the sellacious version on your site? There might a possibility that your version doesn't include this feature. Let us know and we will provide you latest version.

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