Wednesday, 06 October 2021
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The product has to be the best looking of anything available but for the life of me I can not get a consistent installation and usage experience.

on 1 site it installs fine but has use problems, on another clone it has 10 problems just installing it, it's entirely too buggy to even begin to consider using on a production site.

Is this still in development? is there an eta for when the next version will be released?
20 hours ago
The lack of an answer to this question is seriously concerning, it basically says this product is dead in the water with no further development, is that the case has development stopped?
1 hour ago
Hi Greg,
I'm not part of the sellacious team, but I do use this platform.
It is still in development, I had some issues with stripe payments the other week, and they fixed it and sent me an updated version within 4 days, but for replying to the questions on here, especially pre-sales they are not so great.

I know you were asking just about when next development is going to be released, but for future, I'd advise using the little blue text message icon that appears on the bottom right to directly message them, I've usually found they're near-instant on there, even if they aren't on these forums they have made.

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