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  Friday, 08 October 2021
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The products disappeared from all views, home, categories, etc ...

And they are in inventory normally.

I need help.
Can you see products in backend product catalog view ?

Also pls mention what is your sellacious version.

1 year ago
Visible from the front end (In users orders), not visible from the backend (Sellacious)
We are running the latest version of Sellacious (You sent me the newest pre-release a couple of months back).

Not visible from Sellacious-->Product Catalog

1 year ago
You already have our details for the logins on a previous pm, please do feel free to have a look Emoticon Smile
1 year ago
Oops! My Apologies, please ignore my above two messages, I accidentally replied to wrong thread without realising

*On side note, I had similar, reindexing helped tonnes!

Please mark it resolved if fixed.

1 year ago
I see the products in the back-end section of products.

I have tried Re-index, ad nauseam.

Applied Re-construction of the site and cleaned cache.
1 year ago
I think this is the version:

Component Manager 2.0.0-beta1 April 08, 2020
1 year ago
errors shown, it seems that there is something inactive, but everything is normal.
Can you see products in backend product catalog or getting any error.
Please send screenshot.

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