Thursday, 21 September 2017
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I just installed the new Joomla release.
Before Sellacious worked perfectly.
Now I am not able to access to Sellacious backend. I get the error shown in figure attached.
Instead in frontend it works.
Is it a known problem that you're trying to solve or am I the only one with the problem?

p.s. My website is still local, I was supposing to put it online in two weeks.
Oh, so sellacious supports 3.7 as of now. The new sellacious will launch next week which will support latest joomla. Sorry for inconveyance .

You can run sellacious on joomla 3.7 anytime.
6 years ago
After release 1.5.0 sellacious giving trouble with Joomla 3.8, it may be Joomla issue, Abhishek Sir, do not recommend Joomla 3.8 update to users, please send an email everyone, do not update Joomla without test it on the testing server.

I am not blaming sellacious and/or Joomla, used Template, plugins and modules may be not supported to Joomla 3.8

For all e-commerce operator. The best solution is to test it on the testing server and resolve the issues then update the Live Site.
Hello Marco, sellacious 1.5 is released and it works fine now with Joomla 3.8

let us know if any issue persist, as recommended by @parashuram in above comment, kindly upgrade in staging and test before you directly upgrade the live environment.
6 years ago
Hello Abhishek, I just updated and now it works fine.

There is an issue concerning SEO FRIENDLY URLS.
I opended an issue here in forum a couple of days ago.
6 years ago
Hello Marco

Do you want to remove .index.php in URLs?
6 years ago
Hello Parashuram.

Nope, it is another type of problem. It is explained better here (https://sellacious.com/community-support/797-seo-friendly-urls-of-products-do-not-work.html).

Abhishek I think gave me the solution to solve it. I will try this weekend as soon as I am off to work.

Thank you a lot to both
6 years ago
Got it,
Marco, yes we have replied to that post. let us know after trying if you are still getting it.
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