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  Wednesday, 27 September 2017
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Hello Support

we are in the process of building a multivendor system locally in my country. we are comparing different solutions such as magento cscart yokart etc
and am reviewing this now to go premium if all requirements are met, so i want to see if i can do certain things.

1) can i add the seller on the product before i click on it? I know that by default, The product with lowest price is shown but this is not convenient for us. We want all the products to be displayed with the seller tad as per image example where the seller is Shark. our goal is to show all products with the seller tag before clicking on it
so the user will be aware about which sellers have the product they are looking for such as the picture i have sent
can we do that with this system or not? using add-ons or something.

2) We want the global system currency to be Euros e.g. i can see from the commission page it shows % or USD. As this is locally we don't care about other currencies.
i think is under Shop Settings in Global Configuration-> Shop Currency

3) We will sign up sellers and we will provide them the option to either use their own shipping or our shipping. Not sure how we can set this through sellacious?

4) How the commission is being managed ? Optimally we want to charge per category e.g. electronics will have 10% clothes 7% etc. Can we do that or is not possible?

5) The % of our margins are automatically send to our PayPal account or how this works? Is there a fee from PayPal we need to take into consideration?

6) I saw that most systems use PayPal Adaptive Payments is this the same as your standard one?

7) Where i can set up seller PayPal details ?

8) Can a user cancel the order? How the seller/admin is notified or can view the requests?

9) How refunds are implemented into the system?

10) How is the tax being calculated by admin or the seller needs to include this on the price when they upload their products?

11) Can we choose any of the templates once we go premium e.g. jcart?

12) Can a seller add their own policies e.g return, shipping, cancelation policies? How is this managed from the system?

13) How can i use the addons you advertise on your page e.g.

30 Addons
Through Sellacious addons you can easily create a custom Product & Category page
Category Title
Category Image

Apologise for all of the questions and am not expecting a quick response so please take your time.
Hi Valantis,

Due the technical issue between Paypal standard plugin and Paypal, the plugin is not working for you.

While we are trying to fix it, we would like to offer you the Premium version Paypal Express Checkout Plugin for FREE.

Please send us your registered email address and we will credit to your account.

5 years ago
Hello Sahil,

This is a great offer to be consider but as tested and used optimally we don't want anyone who is not registered as a customer to be able to buy something.
With paypal express anyone can place an order which is not suitable for us.

We are testing the adaptive payments solution which is the best for a marketplace as its automatically send the commission to us and the rest amount to the actual seller. This leaves us will a lot less trouble to deal with this.
5 years ago
Hi Valantis,

We have provided an option to turn off guest checkouts within Sellacious. About the payment plugin we can offer you PayPal Pro plugin which integrates a smooth payment flow with PayPal using Rest API. I suggest you give it a try.

We understand that the adaptive payments is the most suitable thing for you and we are currently working on it. It should be available in around 2-3 weeks time.
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