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  Sunday, 16 October 2016
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Emoticon Tongue Just wondering about seellacious. I am trying to see how I would set up the shipping system. How we ship and the cost. I do not see anywhere where this can be done. So that we can ad shipping charges.
You can create shipping rules and attach it to any product category.

You can define one slot shipping fee or rule based shipping fee.

Fedex and UPS plugins for shipping are free till 25th December 2016.
Hi Tracy,

A tutorial on shipping rules can be found here:

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Ankit A.
Team Sellacious
4 years ago
Hello. I have not been able to configure it. I followed the previous tutorial but I was not able to do it. When I make an order, the following message appears:


[*] Please select shipping method for the products in cart.

There are one or more shipment rates marked as TBD. The shipping cost for these items are not available yet. One of our sales representative may call/email you regarding the same within 24 hours after you place this order. You may be required to pay any additional shipment charges for these items as and when finalized.[*]



Please tell me what I should do to configure/fix this.
Hi Adesh,

I would like to know more details about this. Which Product are you trying to order?
4 years ago
Hello Ankit. I will send login details to you by a private message, for you - please - to check what is wrong. You can test with any product.
4 years ago
Hello Ankit. I already sent the details to you by private. Please help me. Also, please take into account that there are like 10.5 hours of difference in time Emoticon Smile
Hi Adesh,

Unable to replicate the issue. Shipping just works fine for me. Can we have a Teamviewer/Skype Session?
4 years ago
Yes. Its fine now. Thank you very much. I didn't know exactly what was the problem. Anyway, it is supposed that the tutorial works fine. Thank you again.
3 years ago
I have the same problem......
Can I send login data in a private message?
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