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  Saturday, 07 October 2017
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Hello. I updated to the version 1.5. Now, the Shop by Category module doesn't show anything, just the title but not the info below the title. Please help us Emoticon Smile
Hi Adesh,

Have you updated your template too?
4 years ago
No. I have the premium js-fashion and I haven't updated it. How can I do it?
HI Adesh,

We have released Js-fashion template update, please update that.
And Shop by Category thing is now comes in filter module and that can be placed in any module position.
And this update comes with two new template style for left and right sidebar, you can select the template according to your needs.

4 years ago
Hello. I updated the template. Thank you very much Emoticon Smile However:
1) I don't understand where I can choose the style right or left.
2) The image slider in a product's page is not working. There is a javascript error in console.

Thank you
Hi Adesh,

We actually added two new template style in our templates, as we have now converted sellacious filters in modules so that any can place this in any module positions.
Like if you want to place it on the left sidebar-> in squick its 'left' position or on right position select 'right' for that. And on those pages, you want to display this module select template style - left or right sidebar according to your need.

And We also have introduced 3 new sellacious menu types:
- Single Product (for Product detail page)
- Products (List of All Products), if you are using sidebars, select same template style to this page also.
- Sellacious Shop Central - It will help in SEF URLs.

And for the image slider, it could be cache issue try cleaning cache from JCH plugin or send me access of your site over dm we'll fix this.

4 years ago
And for the image slider, it could be cache issue try cleaning cache from JCH plugin or send me access of your site over dm we'll fix this.

Yes, I cleaned cache and it worked ok Emoticon Smile Thank you.

I understood about the filter module which can be set in any position. However, there are some issues about it; I already sent the credentials as private to check the website please Emoticon Smile Thank you.

Another thing. After updating to 1.5, I noticed that the category images are not being showed now, please help Emoticon Smile

I hope my questions in this forum doesn't bother you and instead be good for others to know too.

No, it doesn't bother us it actually helps us to make it sellacious better.

Can you show me the page in which the categories images are not showing,
And please the user credentials you've provided, it is either inactivated or block.
4 years ago
The categorie's image is now being showed. However, the filter module is not being presented in product page; I thinnk it should be to be able to filter by categories while trying to purchase. Please check it out in my page (the data is as private messages) Emoticon Smile
Hi Adesh,

Please check its resolved

Hi Adesh,

Please let us know if you still facing the same issue or it has been resolved.
If it has been resolved, please mark this post as resolved.

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