Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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How can I show my product variant as it's done in the demo. I need them to apear in a dropdown menu uder the quantity. I can't figure it out. The variants are shown only as list under the product image and buy buttons. See the screens I'm using the SQuick template

Thank you!
Hi Ivan,

The drop-down of variant you've seen in our demo was the specification field selected its variant.
Let say you created a product shirt and select specification option white color, then in variants if you select other option of color then that color option will display as dropdown.
And for these option like color, size etc.. you can create it on Product Attributes and assign those on categories.

For more info you can see these two documentations:

6 years ago
Hi Asfaque,

I understand how it should work, but I'm not getting the same result.
These are the things I do, steb by step:

1. I have attribute for size for example
2. It is assigned to the category
3. I create new product in that category
4. In Specifications I check the checkbox with size S
5. In Variants -> Add Variant I make new variant and check the checkbox for size M

When I open the product in the frontend I'm getting the appearance from the picture. No dropdown, the new variant is listed under the buttons.

I'm not sure if there is some setting that is required for that dropdown to show or I'm missing something else.

Thank you
Hi Ivan,

Can you send me your access credentials over the direct message.

6 years ago
No need for that. I found the problem. I had not choosen category and product templates.

You can close the issue.

Thank you for the help

Glad to know your issue has resolved.

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