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  Saturday, 25 September 2021
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I've been looking at my stripe configuration, as when I follow your guide and correctly setup all of the details (I know because I can perform payments in/out of the main account), I do not get the ability so sellers to onboard themselves to our stripe platform.

Why is this? As can be see in https://www.sellacious.com/documentation-v2#/learn/plugins/stripe-connect, the stage where it says onboarding sellers express account, the purple configure stripe does not appear for my sellers at all.

How can this be resolved please?
10 months ago
HI, are you using the updated package i have provided you ? or using the package downloaded from the website.
10 months ago
Hi Indresh,

I am using the updated package you provided
10 months ago
Pls verify all the steps again i have edited the doc to make it simple.
if still not getting the payment option in seller tab dm me admin details. i will look into it.

10 months ago
Sorry to be a pain, but I can't find where the option to privately message you has now gone now Emoticon Unhappy
Either way, if you look back through previous DM I sent you, login details are identical.
I am still having the same issue, despite your updated doc, you will see what I mean when you visit the site, the option for seller to onboard themselves simply does not appear despite having followed your instructions perfectly.
10 months ago
Hi, Pls reach me on tawk to live chat will check hand to hand.

10 months ago
Issue was in understanding documentation step, resolved on live chat.
Indresh Maurya marked this post as Resolved — 10 months ago
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