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Release of Sellacious v1.4.7

Release of Sellacious v1.4.7

Sellacious v1.4.7 is out and released and we list you down all the changes and new things offered to you with the new version. Features in the new version have been included keeping the minute details in mind for smoother operations.

Compatibility: Joomla v 3.4.x and above
PHP 5.3.1 onward including PHP 7.x

All that is New in Premium Subscription-

  • Product Imports with Import Plugin (all of these require the purchase of Import Plugin)
    You can now Import products from CSV files (Comma Separated Value), and also optionally create sellers, manufacturers, categories on the fly during product import.
    Just export the sample CSV from Sellacious, Change your data accordingly and put it on import. Also, Import product images and attachments from direct zip file upload or upload via FTP is enabled under the new version.
    B2ap3 Medium DownloadCSV

News that we have for free subscribers-

  • Product Image Upload:
    Now, Upload product images and attachments to their respective folders e.g. /images/com_sellacious/products/attachments//your-document-1.pdf etc; and click refresh media in back-office (at the right top position) to automatically link them to the products.
    B2ap3 Medium Uploads

We have Fixed and improved things too-

  • Compatibility fixes and improvements for Joomla 3.7:
    Sellacious is fully compatible and works perfectly with the new version of Joomla! 3.7
  • Form Fields
    More control over what form fields you show during front-end customer registration and seller registration.
  • Back-office logo customization
    To improve seller’s experience, We have introduced the customization of the back-office logo (premium feature) via global configuration.
    B2ap3 Medium Backofficelogo

Several other improvements and fixes.

Sellacious - An ideal Virtuemart alternative
Why is Sellacious the best eCommerce Software for ...
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