blog-covers Are you still using Magento?

Are you still using Magento?

With so many new emerging easy to use softwares in the market, it's the next big question If platforms like Magento is still is the best choice!
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How to start your Online Store in 5 easy steps!

It is a good decision to start an online store as more than ¾ of the world’s population is using the internet. With the passage of time, people have changed their mode of purchasing from traditional retail shopping to digital online shopping.

Starting an eCommerce store is quite a bit easier than usually retail store owners think. Once you as a retail store owner or an eCommerce aspirant, have decided what you will be selling, your market and target audience, your investors and stakeholders, your production and procurement system, you are almost ready to get started off with this venture.


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Prevent your Website from looking Outdated!

It is a fact that if you don’t run your business according to the current market trend there are high chances that you may get out of the league. Since change is the only constant every business has to move accordingly and this calls for detailed market research, future analysis, risk mitigation, and planned implementation.

There are higher chances of conversion rate or lower bounce rate if the website is appealing to the visitors and the content is highly optimized to deliver. It is really important for a content developer and the front end developer to understand that it is not at all important not to put each and everything on a website unless it helps you generate understanding of your business.

Any website looks revolves around four sorts of parameters. They are Design and Color, Pictures and Graphics, Usability, Consistency. The mentioned parameters are the key source from preventing a website from looking old fashioned.

B2ap3 Large 2019 Top Trends For Your Online Store 1 Introducing Sellacious v1.7 Faster, Stable and Smarter commerce!

Release notification Sellacious v1.7

Version Info

Version: 1.7.0

Release Date: May 20, 2019

This version is compatible with Joomla 3.9.x and Joomla 3.8.x series.

Supported PHP Version: 5.4+, 7.0+, 7.1+

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B2ap3 Large 2019 Top Trends For Your Online Store

PWA - Progressive Web App, in a Shell!

The progressive web application is web apps that consume modern web capability to provide an app-like user experience to the audience. These apps load like a regular web page but provide the feature to work offline, push notification, and device hardware access. In all, they combine the flexibility of the web with the user experience of native applications. 

The keyword “website” has further shed its umbrella over “web applications”. Web development has incorporated more than the static data HTML pages. It has extended to dynamic pages. The continues to progress in the evolution of the web technologies have allowed the web application to bring in more interactivity, native-like experience, and responsive web design.  

B2ap3 Large Pwa Reliable

While web applications have been designed to be responsive to mobile screens, they usually lag behind when looked on the parameters like speed and features from the native application. First time ever Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell, coined the term “Progressive Web App” to take advantage of the new features offered by the modern browsers and transform the web app to function like a native app in 2015.

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