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Release notification Sellacious v1.7

Sellacious v1.7

Version Info

Version: 1.7.0

Release Date: May 20, 2019

This version is compatible with Joomla 3.9.x and Joomla 3.8.x series.

Supported PHP Version: 5.4+, 7.0+, 7.1+

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Before you upgrade

We took immense care while creating 1.7.0 and tested upgrade procedures with different variations, but sellacious is used in so many different ways by our awesome users and customized so widely that we always recommend you to take the backup of your website before upgrading to the latest version. It is always recommended to run the upgrade in the staging environment and not to upgrade it on your live website.

Version 1.7 and now comes decked with the following features listed below. Do a lot more with Sellacious and keep your store updated!

Steps of up-gradation:

Login in your Joomla Administrator panel, and go to Extensions > Manage > Update you will find upgrades listed in the available updates. Upgrade Sellacious package, and Template.


B2ap3 Large Faster Sellacious   Faster Sellacious
  The new version comes with a 70% faster speed.


B2ap3 Large Auto Scaled Iages  Auto Scale Images 
   Auto-scales the images uploaded on backend for speed frontend. 


B2ap3 Large TNT Search  TNT Search
Search speed increased to 300% with the new module.



B2ap3 Large Quick Installer

   Quick Installer
   Sellacious is now easier to install with just one step installer


B2ap3 Large Document Teplate Manager Document Template Manager
  Sellers can edit Invoices, define order form layout, and more.


Sellacious Dashboard > Settings > Template Manager

B2ap3 Large Document Template Manager


B2ap3 Large Irrelevant Error Messages Error messages from Frontend
 No more irrelevant error messages displayed on frontend.


B2ap3 Large Auto Delete Media Files Auto Delete Media Files
This now allows the media files to be deleted automatically when product & categories is deleted.


B2ap3 Large Enable Disable VariantsEnable / Disable Variants
You can now enable and disable the Variants from the backend.


B2ap3 Large Joomla Logo Png Transparent Easy access to Joomla Configurations
you can now configure directly from Sellcious and no Joomla login is needed.



B2ap3 Large Store Deliever  Store Delivery
  Sellers can now define their own opening time, closing time, delivery slots and more.

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B2ap3 Large URL  New SEF URLs
  Introducing New Search Engine Friendly URLs



B2ap3 Large Support Mode Easier Support
Enabling support mode for easier support by the executive. Login by support password.


B2ap3 Large Offline  Offine / Online in Backend
  Go Offline and Online for the website for support.


Sellacious Dashboard > Online/Offline Button

B2ap3 Large Online


Tax & Discounts


B2ap3 Large Guest  Shop rules for guests/registered users
  Define tax discounts for registered users of your site and guests separately.


Sellacious Dashboard > Shop > Taxes & Discounts > Select Rule > Guest Settings

B2ap3 Large Gues 20190522 064140 1


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B2ap3 Large Shipping Rule Shipping Rules for Sellers
 Define Seller wise shipping rules and slots.


B2ap3 Large Shipping Rule For Product Select shipping rule from product
 Shipping rule directly definable from product.


Sellacious Dashboard > Shop > Product Catalogue > Select Product > Shipping Rule

B2ap3 Large Shippig Rule


B2ap3 Large Free Shipping  Free Shipping conditions
  Enable free shipping when cart value reaches x amount as defined.


Additional Modules

B2ap3 Large Seller Toolbar Seller Toolbar
  Login to admin panel back from frontend, Quick management of messages, pending orders and    much more.


B2ap3 Large Sellacious Category Module  Sellacious Category Module
  Additional module for sellacious categories for UI.



 B2ap3 Large Category Layouts  New Category Layouts
  Introducing Category wise new layouts for UX.


B2ap3 Large Hyperlocal  Hyperlocal Layouts
  New Hyperlocal layouts to select user location by Area/City or Zipcode


With 205+ more updates/bugfixes, Sellacious is now even more efficient and effective. Easy to use with all the features needed to run an eCommerce store at the back of your hand. Few clicks here and there and you are good to go.

Sellacious v1.7 live now!


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