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Release notification v1.6.0


Version Info

Version: 1.6.0

Release Date: Nov 01 2018

This version is compatible with Joomla 3.8.x and Joomla 3.7.x series.

Supported PHP Version: 5.4+, 7.0+, 7.1+


Before you upgrade 

We took immense care while creating 1.6.0 and tested upgrade procedures with different variations, but sellacious is used in so many different ways by our awesome users and customized so widely that we always recommend you to take backup of your website before upgrading to latest version. It is always recommended to run the upgrade in the staging environment and not to upgrade it on your live website. 


Steps of up-gradation: 

Login in your Joomla Administrator panel, and go to Extensions > Manage > Update you will find upgrades listed in the available updates. Upgrade Sellacious package, and Template.

The second level authentication

Sellacious has embedded second level authentication, this way you give direct access of your shop administrator without letting them inside your Joomla Administrator panel. You can also configure the URL of this sellacious backend by simply changing the folder name of sellacious back-office, by default it is “/sellacious” like https://www.yourwebsite.com/sellacious


The default user which will log in inside the sellacious back-office is the super admin of Joomla. 

License: This is also one of the major features of sellacious. In this version licensing method in sellacious is improved and made the licensing process more easy for the users. One license can only be assigned to the one live site and also one email only. You can also directly upgrade your license from the sellacious backend.

Changelog v1.6.0

What’s New?

  • Enhancement in Multilingual capabilities of Sellacious: Translate in excel as CSV file and import it, Export translated files from one sellacious and import it in another to quickly use the translations in multiple sites created by Sellacious. Sellacious is offering 70+ languages to translate the sites easily. You can also create new languages, name it whatever you want and start translating it. 
  • Advance Reporting: Reports made easy and customizable by all new Advance reporting. Create reports for orders, carts of certain seller or time duration and carts easily. These reports will be in the CSV format. You can also export these reports.
  • Importer:  Now sellacious has an inbuilt importer. You can import your products, categories, and images easily with this. Any file with upto 50 rows can be imported in the free version, buy importer extension to revoke import limits.
  • Hyperlocal: The major addition to 1.6.0 is the new Hyperlocal module. Stores can now mention their pickup, delivery time along with the opening and closing date & time. Stores can submit their coordinates along with the delivery radius or shippable geo locations like countries/cities/zip codes. Users can filter these stores and products by this delivery radius or his current location detected via the browser. Hyperlocals can be customized on demand, contact us if you need more. 
  • Delete orders and transactions: You can now delete the orders and transactions. Only admin have permission to delete.
  • Buy now buttons: Now you can quickly create buy now buttons without creating the entire product. Just mention the price and title and generate the buy now and add to cart button codes which you can place anywhere on your website.
  • Ask seller a question: Customers can ask the questions to the sellers directly. Only answered question will be visible on the frontend.
  • Avatar: Now users can also upload their Avatar, which makes sellacious more personalized in this version. Avatars can be uploaded either from backend or frontend profile edit. 
  • Internal Messaging: Now you can also send direct emails to any specific user, user category and everybody in your site. These emails will drop in their inbox of sellacious and in their emails.
  • Currency: For quite some time users reported the issue with available two forexes, Fixer and Google finance. In this version, we're introducing one more forex provider, Currency layer, to reduce the service unavailability of forex conversion. just update all your apis and enjoy uninterrupted forex conversion for your inter-currency transactions. 
  • SEF(Search Engine Friendly) URL: This makes the URL in sellacious more understandable, arranged and easy to search. You can activate this feature from the sellacious backend.
  • Advanced Filters: Everyone loved sellacious Advance filters, we are giving more power to it. Now manage position, texts and availability. arrange them up and down all the filters for products right from the sellacious backend. 
  • Premium Feature Control: This is important for all those users who have the sellacious premium license. We have introduced this dedicated section for premium feature control. we have already started gathering all premiuym features in one place. We will keep updating this section under settings in near future. 
  • Dashboard: In this version of sellacious has more defined and accurate in the calculation Dashboard. The dashboard has more quick links for products, orders, transactions, than before for quick management of the shop. 
  • Product Approval: With this feature, products created by sellers won't be published to shop immediately. After creating the product, the admin will decide if he wants to approve the product or not. Admin can decline or accept the product as per his condition.
  • Support Pin: Support PIN will be required by the users while taking premium support on live chat or call. The user can use Support Pin to log in on sellacious.com account without remembering username and password to access your licenses and purchases etc. Only Admin can view the support PIN.
  • Shop icon and Favicon: Now you can customize your shop more with your shop icon and favicon directly from sellacious settings. This feature is a premium feature.
  • Multi-Lingual products, categories, and attributes: As mentioned before, sellacious can easily translate into a multi-language site. Now, you can create the same products, categories, and attributes in different languages.
  • Password Reset Link: In this version, You will be able to send the user's password reset link directly from the sellacious backend manually.
  • Verification Mail: Users who didn't activate their accounts on your site but registered already, will be highlighted and with this feature, you can send them activation pending reminder.
  • Child Category Detection: If you have the same child category for more than one parent category, you can easily identify the parent category of that child category.
  • Captcha: This feature will help you to prevent the malware in your site and secure your site more. Captcha can be enabled while registering as a client or seller or asking a question, recaptcha of joomla will be used.
  • One Page Checkout (OPC): Much awaited single page checkout. We're introducing the new checkout type for you. You can manage the checkout type from the sellacious backend to switch back to old accordian layout. 
  • Hide Price from the Public: This premium feature allows you to hide the price of products from the public. Users will need to login first to see the product prices.
  • Profile Section Ordering:  Highly cutomisable Edit profile and Registration pages. Now, you can set the ordering of the sections for the register and edit profiles for the fronend. 
  • Sellacious Finder: Now, the Sellacious finder is more advanced. You can find the sellers, categories, products in minimal time. You can manage the info of products and sellers too from the sellacious finder. 
  • Backend Display Options: This feature allows you to customize your sellacious backend. Example while creating a product you might have experienced many feilds not usefull for you. you can now disable them from here to remove the clutter and make it simpler for yourself.
  • Primary Image and Video URL: Upload the primary image of the product. You can also add videos of Vimeo and youtube to your product gallery now.
  • Profile View: This feature allows to view your profile and information you submitted in your profile.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed the issue users reported in 1.5.3 version of the use of shipping rules. Now, users can use shipping rules or flat shipping with manageable filters.
  • Fixed the broken access to sellacious backend from the seller when the site is offline.
  • FIxed the issues with the sellacious modules. We have also introduced some new enhancement in some modules too.
  • Fixed the issue with one time and free special category. Now, the special category can be assigned to the products easily.
  • You can now add the refund order status too in your orders. Users can place the refund for their orders.
  • Fixed the issue shipping menu permission from seller's account.
  • There was an issue with duplicate products. Fixed the issue with the owner of these duplicate products.
  • In transactions, you can view the shipping transactions too as transactions for shipping weren't being listed in the transactions first.
  • In receipt, invoices country id was available in the user address instead of its name. Now the country name is being used in the address.
  • There was an issue with dashboard calculations as it was showing only the first order transactions. It's fixed now. You can now see the more accurate calculation of orders revenue.
  • You can now manage the stock of products and variants from the global configuration and their categories.
  • Also selling Link for the product is fixed in this version of sellacious.
  • Fixed the order search bar.
  • FIxed issues with the sellacious sample data.
  • Fixed minor issues with sellacious importer. made it smarter and faster. 


2019 Top Trends for your Online Store!
Stackideas loves sellacious users- Get 25% off on ...
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